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My Story
I am a very lucky person as Fitness and Martial Arts have been in my life since my early childhood when I started wrestling at the age of 8 under my cousin’s mentorship. A couple years later, the Martial Arts became my real passion after I joined the Martial Arts Academy well-know in my home town for an amazing team of experienced instructors. I have an extensive experience participating in numerous tournaments and competitions internationally and locally in North America. I have 5th Degree Black Belt in Sport Karate Kickboxing. My other achievements include the awards in boxing and wrestling. All my siblings also have a diverse background in sports. Both of my brothers are the World Champions in wrestling and kickboxing and our younger sister is a leading instructor in Martial Arts.

My Principles I perceive the Martial Arts as physical illustrations of philosophical principles of honour, integrity, respect, courage, and self-discipline. The ultimate goal of Martial Arts is the perfection of a character by virtue of perfection of martial skills. The same principles I apply while providing MMA conditioning and fitness training to my private clients and fitness groups. My approach in Fitness training is the balanced integration of the body, mind, & spirit. The intense physical body conditioning develops a strong mind and creates a positive spirit to put

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